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FQA Auditing Service

Factory Quality Auditing Service

Assessment of a factory’s Quality System, Manufacturing Process, environmental and Capability against defined criteria to pre-qualify, evaluate and facilitate the continuous improvement process of suppliers, can help your sourcing to selecting valuable suppliers.


Factory quality audit often happens before a purchase order being placed, STS performs Factory Evaluation according to Client’s request. STS examines the supplier’s production capability, machinery, management and quality procedures, operations and processes. STS also can give related information to the supplier regarding to client’s quality requirements. Factory Evaluation ensures the appropriate suppliers are used and Client’s quality specification is thoroughly understood.


Basically, the areas covered in Factory Evaluation include:

Organization Structure

Quality control system

Manufacturing process

Procurement process

Working condition

Raw material management


QC Process management

House keeping

Facilities & Equipments calibration

Management and human resources

Internal training & audit

Semi-finished and finished product management